6=0 Homeostética
Bruno de Almeida
Homeostética 6=0 is a feature documentary
about the not-likely-legendary contemporary art group known as the ultimate post-paradoxological art statement: The Homeostetica Movement.
The Homeostética group appeared in the Lisbon art scene in 1981 formed by six young artists: Pedro Proença, Manuel Vieira, Pedro Portugal, Xana, Ivo and Fernando Brito.
Provocative and irreverent, the Homeostética
produced wildly versatile work steeped in such
varied influences as pop music, comic strips and film animation.
From 1982 to 1986, the Homeostética organized five group shows, wrote manifestos, made super 8 films and were a visible and uncomfortable presence in the local art scene.
This documentary features interviews with the six artists, and includes the original films produced by the group as well as rare clips featuring the artists at work.
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directed by Bruno de Almeida