The Lovebirds
Bruno de Almeida
Release Date: 13-03-2008
The Lovebirds intertwines six stories in the course of one night in Lisbon.
An artist pursues a girl through the old cobblestone streets bewitched by the resemblance she has to his dead wife; two small-time crooks break into an apartment as they argue about a lover that tries to divide them; an aging
director shooting a boxing film struggles with a movie star and a boxer who
has too much pride to be knocked out; an alienated taxi driver brutally kills
a prostitute but when he picks up a pregnant woman he may unexpectedly
find redemption; a pilot’s weekend affair with a fashion designer goes haywire
when her overprotective dog exposes certain trivialities in their relationship;
an archaeologist refuses to come out of a work pit where his obsessions may be a cover up for something deeper. A mix of lovable off-beat characters
dealing with love, friendship, passion, solitude and hope.
Fantasporto – Prémio Especial do Júri
Nouveau Cinema Festival - Montréal
Provincetown Film Festival
Festival de São Paulo
Faial Film Fest
Festival de Montpellier
Festival de Ourense - Melhor Realizador e Melhor Argumento
Festival de Santa Maria da Feira
Michael Imperioli, Ana Padrão, John Ventimiglia, Joaquim de Almeida, Drena de Niro, Rogério Samora, Marcello Urgeghe, Fernando Lopes, Nick Sandow, Cleia Almeida, Johnny Frey, Filipe Vargas, Dmitry Bogomolov, Laura Soveral, Ivo Canelas, Suzie Peterson, Joe Berardo
directed & produced  Bruno de Almeida
screenplay  Johnny Frey & Bruno de Almeida
photography André Szankowski & Edmundo Díaz
production & costume designer Zé Branco
editing Bruno de Almeida & Pedro Ribeiro
sound Vasco Pedroso, Pedro Melo, Miguel Martins
casting by Patricia Vasconcelos
associate producer Pedro Borges
line producer Ana Pinhão
end credit song Camané
production BA Filmes, Arco Films, Egeac
with the participation of RTP

PORTUGAL - 2008 - 83'