Bartolomeu Cid dos Santos - Through Devastaded Lands
Jorge Silva Melo
Bartolomeu Cid dos Santos (1931-2008), engraver, painter, is one of the great artists of the 20th century. His world is the crepuscular world of the end of the Portuguese Empire, he who created the first metaphors against the Portuguese Colonialism. And who, with constant vitality, has opposed himself against the New World Order. Knowing, with Eliot, that “the past and the future time are both always present on the present time”.
Temps d'Images - Melhor Filme Português Sobre Arte
screenplay and direction Jorge Silva Melo
testimonies Alan Sillitoe, Hélder Macedo, João Cutileiro, John Aiken,
Manuel Augusto Araújo, Paula Rego, Valter Vinagre

assistant directors Maria do Mar Fazenda, Andreia Bento
cinematography José Luis Carvalhosa
sound Armanda Carvalho
post production Vítor Alves
sound mix Tiago Matos
production João Matos, Joana Cunha Ferreira, Alexandra Caiano
producer Pedro Borges
support Câmara Municipal de Tavira, Instituto Camões
associate producer Artistas Unidos
a Midas Filmes production for RTP 2