João Canijo
In May, a group of women from Trás-os-Montes leave on a pilgrimage to Fatima.They walk 400km on foot over 9 days, crossing half of Portugal: from deep countryside to the mesmerising natural landscapes; through rain and sun, in a superhuman effort that reduces them to an insignificantly tragic human condition.The extreme fatigue, suffering and physical limitations of each one of them lead to moments of rupture. Then they reveal their deeper identities and motivations.When arriving to Fatima, in the midst of enormous exhaustion, each one will have to find their way to redemption again. 
Rita Blanco, Anabela Moreira, Cleia Almeida, Vera Barreto, Teresa Madruga, Ana Bustorff, Teresa Tavares, Alexandra Rosa, Íris Macedo, Sara Norte e Márcia Breia
Screenplay João CanijoPhotography Mário Castanheira, Anabela Moreira
Sound Olivier HespelEditing João BrazSound Editing and Mixing  Elsa FerreiraProducer Pedro Borges
2017 - HD – cor – 5x50’