That's Love
João Canijo
Release Date: 25-04-2013
In Caxinas, a fishing neighborhood in Vila do Conde, a city on the north of Portugal, the relationship between the fishermen and their wives is based on vital trust and reciprocal and absolute dependence, in order to assure their families survival.
The wife trusts and depends on the fisherman to earn their living, and the fisherman trusts and depends on his wife to govern their living.
In this film, we follow a group of women from Caxinas in their daily life and labor, and with their families.
With the help of an actress who becomes another woman among Caxina’s women.

Director’s Statement
« The woman from Caxinas is an example of the portuguese modern woman. Though this statement contradicts the traditional image of the mourning fishmongers from the north of Portugal, this was what we found during our research and what has captivated us.
The romantic and vital strength of those women, who can love and struggle for their own and their husbands lives, made us want to dedicate them a film.
This film is about two women who have distinct ways to answer to the trust they are asked and given. Because, beside the portrait of the women from Caxinas, this film is about the friendship between two very distinct women: Sónia, a fisherman’s wife, and Anabela, an actress.
Sónia was the fishwife chosen to feature in this film, and Anabela the actress who seeps into the community to discover a character from Caxinas.»
João Canijo
Festival Indielisboa
Mar del Plata Festival Internacional de Cine - Argentina
Cassilda Pontes, Paula Saraiva, Francisco Torrão, Francisquinho
director João Canijo
screenplay Anabela Moreira, João Canijo
editor João Braz
image Tiago Carvalho, Flávio Pires, Gustavo Santos, Anabela Moreira,  Mário Castanheira
sound Vasco Pucarinho, Carlos Conceição, Elsa Ferreira

a MIDAS FILMES - Pedro Borges and CURTAS METRAGENS C.R.L. - Dario Oliveira production
with RTP Rádio e Televisão de Portugal, ICA Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual

PORTUGAL -  2013  - 135’ - color