Bad Living
João Canijo
Release Date: 11-05-2023
In a family-run hotel, by the Portuguese northern shore, lives a group of women from different generations of the same family, whose relationships with each other have grown poisoned by bitterness. They try to survive in the declining hotel, as the unexpected arrival of a granddaughter to this oppressive space stirs trouble, reviving latent hatred and piled-up resentments.

Director's Statement
The location of the film is fundamental in bringing the project’s intentions to fruition, as it could only happen somewhere from which no escape was possible. A place where the actresses are forced to be alone and with each other, even if they wish to run away. A place that the characters’ life depends on. The choice was a remote hotel by the Portuguese shore, which functions like a prison, since the characters can’t leave.
The film stems from the idea of how mothers determine their daughters’ disgrace, and how they, in turn, will determine their granddaughters’ disgrace. It’s a film about the anxiety of being a mother and how it undermines the ability for unconditional love. Three generations of women who fall victim to their mothers’ anxiety: a grandmother’s anxiety made her unable to be a mother to her daughter who was unable to be a mother to her granddaughter.
The actresses don’t transform, they adapt to the situation and the circumstances of the characters, without ceasing to be the same people. The screenplay was created over two years of discussions and rehearsals with the actresses, in order to get the truth from each of them.  

Selected Filmography

Mal Viver
(Bad Living), Berlinale Competition
Viver Mal
(Living Bad), Berlinale Encounters
Fátima, Rotterdam
Sangue Do Meu Sangue (
Blood of my Blood), San Sebastián FIPRESCI Award; Toronto
Mal Nascida
(Misbegotten), Venice Orizzonti
Noite Escura
(In the Darkness of the Night) Cannes Un Certain Regard
Ganhar A Vida
(Get a Life), Cannes Un Certain Regard; Toronto
Três Menos Eu
(Three Less Me), Rotterdam Opening Film; Toronto
73ª Berlinale Competition

Nuno Lopes, Filipa Areosa, Leonor Silveira, Rafael Morais, Lia Carvalho, Beatriz Batarda, Carolina Amaral, Leonor Vasconcelos
directed by João Canijo 1st assistant director Inês Garcia Marques director of photoraphy Leonor Teles sound Tiago Raposinho art director Nádia Henriques costume design Sílvia Siopa editing João Braz sound editing and mix Elsa Ferreira production manager Joana Carneiro Reis producer Pedro Borges production Midas Filmes co-production François D'Artemare / Les Films de L'Après-Midi with the financial support of ICA - Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual, Fundo de Apoio ao Turismo e Cinema, RTP - Rádio e Televisão de Portugal, Câmara Municipal de Esposende world sales & distribution Portugal Film - Portuguese Film Agency

127' | DCP | 4K | 5.1 | color
Portugal /France | 2023