Michael Biberstein - My friend Mike at work
Fernando Lopes
Mike, my friend, is half Swiss, half American. He is a painter and he has lived for thirty years in Portugal, where he discovered his Island of Loves. So, he is also Portuguese. His atelier is in Alandroal, an enormous former warehouse where we made this film. His nom de guerre is Michael Biberstein. Recognized internationally, his work, in Portugal, is represented at the Gulbenkian, at Serralves and in the Joe Berardo Collection. Abroad, he is represented in the collection of the Queen Sofia Museum in Madrid, the Beaubourg in Paris and the Withney Museum in New York. This, in addition to the many private Portuguese and foreign collections. We decided to initiate this adventure with a conversation in the house of mutual friends. “Mike, why don’t you make a painting for me to film?” “Why not?” Mike responded. “But I should tell you that if I don’t like the painting there’s no film.” “Should we risk it?” he asked. “This is the true nature of cinema, and now of painting.” We took the risk, and here is the result. Mike let me watch and film his interior journey in the creation of a painting. So we filmed its silence, its mystery and its magic.
Caminhos do Cinema Português
FIPA - Festival Internacional de Programas Audiovisuais
Temps d'Images
Faial Filmes Fest
Midas Filmes presents
a film by Fernando Lopes
with the painter Michael Biberstein
special participation Maria João Seixas  
editor Pedro Duarte
cinematography Edmundo Díaz
gaffer José Manuel Rodrigues  
assistant Ivânia West
sound Pedro Melo
editing and mix studio Mos Filmes
executive producer Joana Cunha Ferreira
special collaboration Manuel Mesquita
producer Pedro Borges
director Fernando Lopes
a Midas Filmes production
co-producer BA Filmes
with the support of SPA Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores, Instituto Camões
this film was produced with the financial support of FICA - Fundo de Investimento no Cinema e Audiovisual

PORTUGAL, 2008, 48’, Color, Betadigital