My Wedding Day
Anabela Moreira, João Canijo
My Wedding Day follows a morning in the life of three women. One for whom marriage presents itself as a norm to be conformed with, another who is preparing to leave her childhood home and meet the marriage  and another fighting for the survival of her innocence in these and many other norms.
And of course, the guests are at the same time participants and witnesses of all this normality.
It is seemingly a story about nothing and nothing more than the simple morning of a wedding. Mine.
Anabela Moreira, Helena Moreira, Matilde Dantas
director Anabela Moreira and João Canijo
script Anabela Moreira
image Mario Castanheira
sound Pedro Melo
editing João Braz
sound mixing and editing Hugo Leitão
art direction Pedro Moura Simão
production manager Joana Vaz da Silva
production coordinator Sofia Tonicher
producer Pedro Borges

A Midas Filmes production with financial support from ICA – Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual

PORTUGAL - 2016 -  26’ - cor