Release Date: 05-11-2015
A journey that begins in the far north of Portugal and which, travelling through the lands of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro, visits a dozen hamlets and homesteads
The houses, cafes, streets, and the people who still inhabit them.
It is the portrait of the daily life of some of these people, fewer and fewer, more and more elderly. And alone.
People who lead their lives one day at a time.

Director's Statement

Everything takes place in a hinterland people have fled from and where the remains of the dream of development have become signs of the absurd. . "That's life and life is sad,"  the survivors of the interior of Portugal say with resignation. They survive under the condition of living one day at a time, accepting the fate that befell them and remembering a past that could have been better. Disillusionment with their fate is deflected by blaming the betrayal of those in power and through a passion for the plots of television soaps. In the empty hours the same as so many others, life goes on and existence is spent trying to escape despair. It is a film of portraits of a sad country that speaks of a particular form of hope, that which dreams merely of the felicity of carrying on living till the end. We live one day at a time.

João Canijo,  Anabela Moreira

Midas Filmes presents
a film by João Canijo
director João Canijo, Anabela Moreira
editor João Braz
production manager Sofia Tonicher
image Anabela Moreira
assistant directors Rui Macedo, Pedro Moura Simão
sound editing Hugo Leitão
with the financial support of
ICA Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual
RTP Rádio e Televisão de Portugal

and sponsored by
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
producer Pedro Borges
a Midas Filmes production

PORTUGAL - 2015 - 155’ - colour